power supply


24V DC power supply for powering multiple 24V fixtures.


When choosing the power supply, keep in mind that the maximum load is 20% below the wattage of the power supply. So for the 75 Watt power supply the max. load is 60W and for the 150 Watt power supply this is 130Watt.

Altought the protection grade is IP67 this powersupply but must be installed in a dry place.

For cable DX 2 x 2.5mm², a total length of up to 100 meters can be used.

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input230 V
output24 VDC
Cable 24V20cm
Cable MAINS120cm

DX power supply 75W MAINS PLUG9138
DX power supply 150W MAINS PLUG9139
DX Power supply 120W Casambi9136
DX Power supply 120W 0-10V9134
DX Power supply 120W Dali9135