DX connect: preparations step-by-step

DX connect is a perfect system for anyone to install good and durable 24V fixtures in the garden. To do this installation as well as possible, we have a step-by-step plan for you.

1. Make a lighting plan

Before you start: make a good plan. Start by determining where you need light. A dark path, for example. Or lighting at parking lots. Spots in borders. Ground spots under trees. You determine what is needed.

2. Choose a DX power supply

A DX connect power supply is required as a power supply for your 24V fixtures. Do you want to be able to switch different types or groups of lighting? Then choose a separate DX power supply for each group.
Determine the power required to provide the lamps with sufficient current. Add up the recorded wattages and choose the corresponding driver by a wide margin.

Do you use home automation? Our dimmable 24V power supplies that can work together with this.

Finally, the choice of where you want to place the DX power supply. Although these are (splash) watertight, we recommend choosing a dry location such as a garage or garden house. A prolonged humid environment will eventually degrade the electronics of these drivers. It is ideal to choose a socket that is switched so that you can switch the garden lighting on and off inside the house.

3. Make a cable plan.

Make a plan to lay cabling from the DX power supply to the various fixtures. The cable can make branches to luminaires or groups of luminaires. This way you can determine the number of meters of cable you need yourself.

When making this plan, also think about garden maintenance. Places where you expect to have to dig, regularly prune or rake a lot are less suitable for laying cables, especially on the surface. You can lay cable under pavement, but make sure that it cannot be damaged by sharp edges of tiles, for example.

4. Determine number and location of DX connectors

With every splitting of cables you need a DX connector kit. This kit can handle a branch of up to 5 cables in one box.

The DX connector provides a permanent watertight connection through the supplied PU resin. These can therefore be incorporated into the soil wherever you want in the garden.

5. Count number of DX connector line

Our advice is to connect every fixture with a DX connector line. This makes it possible to complete the cable installation completely and only install the luminaires later when the garden has been laid out.

6. Shopping list

Add everything together: the luminaires, drivers, number of meters of cable and connectors. That is the shopping list to complete the entire installation for this project.

power supply
cable 2×2.5 mm²
connector kit
connector line

Finally: don’t forget the special DX cable stripper. This handy tool will save you a lot of time during installation!