how to connect

24V fixtures need to be connected to an external power supply. For a solid installation we recommend an IP67 power supply or the exterior kit. In the two examples below we explain in detail how to do this.

IP67 power supply

The powersupply IP67 can be used to connect serveral 24 Volt fixtures to one powersuply. The powersupply is IP67 and can be used outdoors but should be placed protected from water and rain drops. The drivers is provided with neoprene cable and an IP68 connection can be made with our 24V cable and Tee Tubes.

Keep in mind that the total wattage of all planned fixtures should not exceed the wattage of the power supply. Best to keep this 15% lower.
vice versa, it is fine to use a 75 Watt power supply for just one 3 Watt fixture.

In the example below two Ray luminaires are connected to the Power supply 75W. All accessories used in this example are listed below. For a complete overview check our ACCESSORIES.

Cable 10M
Tee tube I
Tee tube y
power supply 75W


With the exterior-kit an in-ground connection can be made to an 230V ground cable. The driver and electrical connection are potted in the junction box to provide a solid waterproof solution.
As can be seen in the example below each luminaire must be supplied with its own exterior-kit. The exterior-kit is provided with a 12W power supply and fits all Dexter 24V luminaires.

In this example two Ray luminaires are connected with an exterior-kit to an 230V ground cable. The direct link to the exterior-kit can be found below. For a complete overview of all our accessories check our ACCESSORIES.

Exterior-kit 12W