How to connect our 24 volt fixtures

Wattage power supply

Add the rated power of all luminaires and add 10%. If the total cable length is more than 50 meter add 15%.
E.g: 2x Spike duo installed on one driver: 2 x 6 W = 12 W + 10% = 13,2 W. In this case a 20 W LED driver would be advised.
The power of the LED may not be less as calculated, higher is no problem. In this case e.g. also a 130W powersupply could be selected.

Evo round / Evo square1.2W
Eye / Eye focus5W / 10W
Eye spot5W
Ray 45 / Ray 707.2W
Reed / Reed Bundle1.4W / 4.3W
Spike mono / Spike duo3W / 6W

Example 1:

Example 2: