about Dexter

Innovative and efficient lighting is where Dexter stands for. All of our fixtures are functional, energy-efficient and sustainable. They are distinguished by a robust yet refined appearance. The combination of our designs and the technology they employ produces extraordinary lighting effects and the perfect ambiance.

Our vision

Dexter’s clients are architects, designers and landscapers, who just like us, represent quality and craftsmanship. For projects in gardens and terraces, offices the retail and hospitality industries, everything has to come together. We use our expertise, knowledge and experience in working together with our clients to come up with surprising solutions that literally shed new light on the desired result. That’s the magic of good lighting!

Quality and craftsmanship

Our way of working

Dexter designs, develops and produces all of its fixtures in the workshop. It was a conscious decision to locate our workshop in the bustling city of Rotterdam. This city is constantly in motion, just like us. The focus is on new developments, technologies and sustainability. Rotterdam is known for its courage, perseverance and drive. And that feels great.

The workshop and our showroom

In the workshop we create our perfectly designed fixtures. Our craftsmanship is characterised by our knowledge of both new and proven technologies. Every product is carefully assembled, packaged and prepared for shipment by well-trained staff.
Above the workshop we created our showroom for professionals to experience the power of our fixtures.


We are proud to work with leading contemporary designers who feel inspired by our mission and way of working, and use their talents to strengthen, enhance and expand the Dexter collection. 

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