dx connect

Everything you need to install your 24V lighting. DX connect is a complete system for installing the 24V system in the garden. Simple, fast, sustainable and can be used by everyone.

The system

DX Connect is a low voltage lighting system that operates on 24V. This means that the 230V mains voltage from the electrical socket is first converted to a safer 24V voltage by a power supply before being distributed to the luminaires. DX Connect makes it safe and easy to install outdoor luminaires.

The components

The system consists of 24V LED power supplies, robust installation cable and IP68 connectors. All Dexter 24V fixtures can be connected with these components.

Thanks to the safe low voltage, cables can be placed anywhere, both above and below ground.

power supply
cable 2×2.5 mm²
connector kit
connector line
How to proceed?

Prefer a 230V installation in the garden? No problem. Dexter Lighting has the Power supply 15W KIT available for this application. This allows any 24V fixture to be connected to mains voltage.