Making a cable plan

Make a dx-connect cable plan by following these easy instructions step by step. This will give you a list of all the required fixtures and accessories for your project.

The lighting plan

It all begins with a solid lighting plan. The lighting plan should include a scaled floorplan indicating the placement of all luminaires and the location for the DX-Drivers. See the following example of a simple lighting plan.

the lighting plan

Cable plan

The next step is to create a cable plan. The cable plan is based on the lighting plan. On this plan, all the parts needed to connect the luminaires are placed. Explore the following example to gain a better understanding of this process.

the cable plan

Shopping list

Finally, the shopping list can be created by measuring the length of the cable from the cable plan and adding all the listed components. Tip! Do not forget the easy wire stripper to make the installation easy and successful.

the shopping list

Start working with dx connect

Need help with planning your project: request a free cable plan.