dx-connect installation instructions


Whether it is the construction of a completely new garden or that only lighting is installed: good preparation is half the work.

If necessary, follow our step-by-step plan to have the right materials and tools. When everything is complete, the work can begin.

Lay cables

The first step is to lay the cabling for the lighting. The cable can be placed both above and below ground and at any desired depth.

Let the cables come out above the ground at the places where a luminaire is connected, so that it is easy to find later. Also at the places where cables split, let the cable come out above the ground.

DX cable 2×2,5mm2
DX Cable stripper

Make cable splice

To make cable splices we use the DX connector kit. This kit has clamps to handle up to 5 cables.

When using DX Cable (2×2.5mm2) it is not necessary to use a cable gland. Make a small hole in the diaphragm with a screwdriver and simply push the cable through. Then use the DX Cable stripper to remove the outer and inner sheath.

Make sure that all red wires (+) are connected in one wago terminal, and all black wires (-) in the other terminal.

Then push all the cables into the junction box. To drain: remove the tendon from the resin bag and knead the resin well. Cut a corner off the bag and fill the box. Close the box before the resin hardens.

The junction box can then be processed underground.

DX connector kit

install fixtures

After the preparation of cables and the further construction of the garden, the installation of the luminaires can take place.

Use a DX connector line to connect the fixtures. This connector contains a double rubber seal. For the thicker DX Cable, the inner rubber ring must be removed.

Connect the red lamp cable to the red DX Cable core, and the black to the black in the round connector.

Also make sure that the lamp cable is buried near the lamp with some extra length. If maintenance or repair is required, it is easy to remove and reinstall the lamp. It is also useful to reposition the lamp, for example when plants have grown in such a way that this is desirable.

Connect DX power supply

When all lamps are connected correctly, the last step comes: connecting the power supply. Always place it in a dry place, preferably indoors.

The connection to the DX Cable is made just like with the fixtures with a DX connector line, again red on red, black on black.

If everything is properly connected, the plug can be connected to a wall socket.