the Blade

Introducing the Blade: Your Stylish Outdoor Lighting Solution

Meet the Blade, a lighting fixture that combines elegance and practicality for your outdoor projects. Its sleek design and user-friendly features make it a top choice.

Designed for durability and comfort, the Blade boasts clean lines and a gentle curve, keeping things simple and stylish. It’s energy-efficient, providing soft, non-glare illumination. Made from sturdy stainless steel with a black powder coating, it’s built to last.

You can choose from two heights: 75 cm or 90 cm to suit your needs. Illuminate your outdoor spaces with the Blade, the perfect balance of style and functionality.

Design for circularity

From the viewpoint of design for circularity, we made the luminaire out of two parts.  A stainless steel frame and a wired LED module. The LED module is available as a spare part and can easily be replaced. The remaining stainless steel frame can be recycled again.

At home in your garden

This luminaire is not only beautiful, sleek, and contemporary, but also excels in durability: making the Blade at home in any garden project.

For more information, visit the Blade product page or download our pdf catalog and price list. Would you like to know more about the newest addition to the Dexter collection? Please contact us.