worlds of inspiration

What’s the most enchanting time of the day? When the lights go on. We at Dexter believe that the magic of great lighting sparks wonderment and inspiration. It creates the perfect atmosphere and ambiance. It brings people together and offers freedom, relaxation or simply focus. Experience the power of our collection in three different worlds: the garden, architectual lighting and hospitality.


The perfect lighting from twilight onwards reinforces that wonderful feeling of freedom. The Dexter fixtures that belong in this world highlight the possibilities of space. Pushing the boundaries both literally and figuratively.

This is practically a science. It is how people discover new challenges and opportunities. Ultimately, light helps to create new dreams!

The feeling of the ‘outdoors’.

Architectural lighting

New forms of collaboration arise in places where people come together in well-designed (outdoor) spaces. Innovative and efficient lighting enhances the strength of these encounters. The Dexter fixtures that belong in this world help people to find their similarities, as well as revealing muchneeded alternative perspectives. This encourages creativity, ingenuity and effectiveness. It is how people learn to bridge their differences and experience shared interests.

Light strengthens and connects


The most amazing connections are created in places where people come together in just the right atmosphere. The Dexter fixtures that belong in this world place focus and attention on just the right place at just the right time. That is an art. It is how people see and experience the positive aspects of togetherness. The ultimate light experience unifies and captivates!

Light creates the perfect atmosphere.